Friday, 27 February 2009



I thought there was a currently listening to section on blogs?...apparently not. to be fair i'm not listening to anything at the moment but if i were it'd probably be the marvelettes. i fucking love the marvelettes - i guess if i'm completely honest I've always had a soft spot for any manufactured popp band as long as they're good. like tatu. did you know they were put together by a russian psychologist who determined that
basically what people like is lesbians and young looking girls in school outfits.

MORE IMPORTANTLY HOWEVER there are exciting times ahead in the world of So Say So. we've got a whole host of new equipment from amps to preamps to drumkits to violin pickups which we can't wait to use and can't wait to marvel you all with. this friday we're playing the luminaire - guest list only i'm afraid. i freaking love that venue. i'd quite happily play there everynight until my fingers fell off. following in 12 hours later...we're back in the studio laying down some tracks which you'll be able to hear shortly. and following that graham and i are going to the imax to see the watchmen. i can't attest to kerrigan, jeion or caroline's whereabouts.

so busy times ahead for us all.

house. xx