Thursday, 21 January 2010


Check out our new monthly spotify playlist here!!

It´s got some ace bands and lots of our friends on it, including Erland and the Carnival, Three trapped tigers, Haunted stereo and Portasound.

Hope you enjoy!!!


Tuesday, 19 January 2010

the Hamptons.southampton.the

I've been less active on this blog as of late, but that's because we've been so busy lately! seriously! going to work feels like time off at the moment.

This weekend we played in southampton for day 1 of a ones to watch weekender curated by our lovely lovely friends haunted stereo. The line-up was fairly eclectic and I quite enjoyed the little phillestines. They're from sawth london - I think we're going to start a bit of a gang war with them.

After the show we piled into our van back to my mum's house (which is only 10 mins from southampton), back to relative luxury and am abysmal lack of quality television - seriously, someone needs to sort tv out, although admittedly it was 2 in the morning. The next day the van for some reason wouldn't start. Fortunate that we weren't in some travelodge car park - but ultimately a fairly sizable ball ache. we spent the rest of the morning watching blazing saddles till the RAC man arrived, sprayed hair spray over the engine and somehow got it to work. that is 100 per cent what happened.

So somehow got back to london to play day 2 of the platforms: live ones to watch show. Platforms: live are excellent promoters - really really lovely people which in this current musical world are an extreme rarity - and while their next show at the union chapel for owen pallet (formerly known as final fantasy) has sold out I'd definitely recommend getting tickets for their next Owl's parliament show as soon as possible- though I don't know if they're out yet...

anyway it was a wonderful lineup to be playing with, and head and shoulders the best band I've seen, not just this year but in quite some time, were Erland and the Carnival. So much so I purchased their album - how rare is that these days. it comes out next week on full time hobby but I haven't listened to it yet. their live show was well ace though - wonderfully skewed trippy proggy stomping folk, kind of like mystery jets meets the wicker man...maybe. anyhow they're on tour in feb and supporting wild beasts in march. def check them out!

so now we have 3 days off before we in the house of strange studio where great acts like noah and the whale (who I'm thinking maybe should have had the award for best album of 2009), mumford and sons and emmy the great among others have recorded before us.

Lots of love.


Wednesday, 6 January 2010


So its 2010! did it pass with any event for you? I spent it in a strange oslo mansion with a group of norwegian was very odd.

I think this is going to be a very exciting year for us. This month we've got a show in southampton at the hamptons on the 16th followed by a show at the luminaire on the 18th. and after that we're in the studio with a lovely man called ash whose made a load of bands sound amazing including mumford and sons, noah and the whale, three trapped tigers among others. And thats just january...

see you soon.