Friday, 27 November 2009

The Fly...The New Wine

We played the Fly the other night with 4or5 magicians and live like lions. It was an ace gig and ridiculously hot. there was roughly about 700 lights pointed at our faces on stage and it got to the point were i got topless. graham got topless. people were shouting for caroline to go topless. people were shouting for me to put my top back on. it was all very exciting.

And yesterday graham and I went and saw The New Wine play at the 229. My fucking lord they were good. Firstly they're amazing, secondly they're flawless musicans, thirdly they're from norway so they''re well cool and well hot, and fourth they're amazing. They're total bergen talented good time vibe music in the style of whitest boy alive and kukkmuthafucka. and on another note bergen is amazing.

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

SSS W/ 4or5 magicans @ the fly...a busy week

We’re playing tonight at the fly in new oxford street with 4or5 magicians, along with live like lions. I’m looking forward to hearing both as I’ve heard good things. For any last minute additions to the guest list email ben@livelikelions

Anyway, we’ve been well busy this last week. On Wednesday we played in Worcester with the alarmingly good between us and the fire. Be sure to keep an eye for them if they come your way as they are well worth it. After this we were meant to have a show on Thursday but unfortunately that had to be postponed. This meant we had a somewhat tedious time in the van having to go all the way up and back in one day for the gig but Graham and I passed the time blasting Les Savy Fav tracks and air drumming to the blood brothers. Then on Friday we played an amazing party with of our friends Shock defeat, kleinzite (spelling?) and man-flu (who despite their atrocious name were incredible). I have to say my favourite were kleinzite and can’t wait to see them play their next show. Sound like whitest boy alive with the most effortlessly amazing tech drums you ever did hear.

Then the next day Graham, myself, and bobby of telegramme fame indulged in a gentleman’s pub crawl of east London’s finest pubs where along the way we bumped into our friends in portasound, televised crimewave and kasms.

It’s been a very full week.



Thursday, 12 November 2009

SSS @ the firefly - worcester - weds 18 nov

Look at this amazing poster! we´re playing our first ever out of town show in worcester with the wonderful between us and the fire and the enigmatic richard clarke this wednesday 18 november. Its at the firefly for the chaps at the task in hand and its free entry!!

I think we´re all looking forward to trying to fit the mountains of equipment we own into our van. plus it´ll be one of the first ever gigs we´ll be away from the SSS wags/habs so that should be interesting...



Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Portasound - Press Red For Burt Bacharach

I was at a warehouse party in hackney wick this halloween which our very good fríends portasound were playing. It was one of the best parties I´ve been to in an age, while portasound were absolutely amazing. they were literally 1mm from blowing the speakers throughout most the set but fuck that.

As if to celebrate their qualiy their new track is available for free download on today. And it is literally amazing.