Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Saturday, 19 December 2009

album of the year

Friends! I was completely wrong about the album of the year...I'm so sorry. It's blatantly and without question Other truths by Do Make Say Think. One if not the only cd I have physically purchased this year...that can't be true...i think it might be. Anyway they've been one of my favourite bands for the last how ever many years and while it's not a drastic departure from what they've always been doing they're still visionaries in their field. They're one of only a handful bands who actually survived post-rock's lethargic pathetic implosion and come out of it a better band. anyway the album is dead ace. the bass lines are insane and dual drumming is as usual fantastic.

Also ace at the moment is drummer of oxes band frenemies who i complete forgot about. Their second album is a piece of l-fi genius that will probably never be afforded the acclaim it deserves -but I'm loving their new(er) down tempo dancable sound.

Anyway good stuff to look forward to this weekend include dansette dj set at 93 feet east and friends from way back teen sheikhs at bardens on sunday. see you at either of those.




Wednesday, 16 December 2009

We are the dogs*

* title change jeion's suggestion...

...we played with dogs at the camden underworld last night who its completely fair to say are one of the nicest bands we've ever had the pleasure of playing with. It was a pretty damn fine end to a wonderful year and the show was fantastic!

so that's it for 2009. roll on the 2009 lists of what was great and expect the 2010 ones on what will be. when i think back to stuff i've enjoyed this year I think the girls album was pretty ace and is one of the few i keep returning to - i know that's not particularly original...i think with the advent of spotify i've been rediscovering so much of what i used to listen to in the past, and that's really been the soundtrack of 2009.

Live, rather unsuprisingly if you read this blog, consistently portasound and not cool (who have incidentally just new tracks up on their myspace) have been the best bands I've seen time on time, so they share the award for that. I've literally no idea what 2010 will sound like...it feels so unknown at the moment...I'm not even certain the dead certs willl be sucessful next year...we shall see.

in other news publicist at bardens the other night was an amazingly visceral experience. we were all huddled round him while he played in the middle of the dancefloor with nothing other than a srobe light to illuminate us all.

lots of love. See you over the festive season.



Wednesday, 9 December 2009

side by side in perfect harmony

We played the flowerpot last night. it was ace! Loads more people turned up than we were expecting and we had a really fun show. Sadly emmy couldn't make it down to dj so Euan (aka younghusband) who plays in emmy's band did instead. and while it's true i may have turned his laptop off by accident at one point, causing the room to be dropped into silence, he pretty damn good.

But look what i found today

Amazing! clearly this had to be purchased.

Anyhow - as mentioned we're playing the underworld next Tuesday. You can get tickets here but they're going quick so get them soon.


Monday, 7 December 2009

SSS@the flowerpot, the underworld and other january dates

We're playing the flowerpot tomorrow in Kentish town and it's free. We should be on stage around 9 and our good friend emmy the great is djing throughout the evening. Come down and say merry christmas and happy new year and help us celebrate what has been a long and exciting year.

Next Tuesday 15 December we're playing the Camden Underworld with Dogs so if you can't make it tomorrow then come down to that. It's been a while since I last went to the underworld. It was to see bullet union who were incredible if anyone remembers them.

And then in the new year we're getting lots of exciting things lined up so check this space. The next two immediate dates are at the hamptons in southampton on the 16th for a gig curated by our friend's haunted stereo (and the venue is only 30 mins from my mum's house). And then we're back to london on the 18th for a gig at the luminaire which is always great to play.

Also - I'm not sure if i mentioned but I saw nathan fake play and he rearranged my brain it was so good.

See you tomorrow.


Friday, 27 November 2009

The Fly...The New Wine

We played the Fly the other night with 4or5 magicians and live like lions. It was an ace gig and ridiculously hot. there was roughly about 700 lights pointed at our faces on stage and it got to the point were i got topless. graham got topless. people were shouting for caroline to go topless. people were shouting for me to put my top back on. it was all very exciting.

And yesterday graham and I went and saw The New Wine play at the 229. My fucking lord they were good. Firstly they're amazing, secondly they're flawless musicans, thirdly they're from norway so they''re well cool and well hot, and fourth they're amazing. They're total bergen talented good time vibe music in the style of whitest boy alive and kukkmuthafucka. and on another note bergen is amazing.

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

SSS W/ 4or5 magicans @ the fly...a busy week

We’re playing tonight at the fly in new oxford street with 4or5 magicians, along with live like lions. I’m looking forward to hearing both as I’ve heard good things. For any last minute additions to the guest list email ben@livelikelions

Anyway, we’ve been well busy this last week. On Wednesday we played in Worcester with the alarmingly good between us and the fire. Be sure to keep an eye for them if they come your way as they are well worth it. After this we were meant to have a show on Thursday but unfortunately that had to be postponed. This meant we had a somewhat tedious time in the van having to go all the way up and back in one day for the gig but Graham and I passed the time blasting Les Savy Fav tracks and air drumming to the blood brothers. Then on Friday we played an amazing party with of our friends Shock defeat, kleinzite (spelling?) and man-flu (who despite their atrocious name were incredible). I have to say my favourite were kleinzite and can’t wait to see them play their next show. Sound like whitest boy alive with the most effortlessly amazing tech drums you ever did hear.

Then the next day Graham, myself, and bobby of telegramme fame indulged in a gentleman’s pub crawl of east London’s finest pubs where along the way we bumped into our friends in portasound, televised crimewave and kasms.

It’s been a very full week.



Thursday, 12 November 2009

SSS @ the firefly - worcester - weds 18 nov

Look at this amazing poster! we´re playing our first ever out of town show in worcester with the wonderful between us and the fire and the enigmatic richard clarke this wednesday 18 november. Its at the firefly for the chaps at the task in hand and its free entry!!

I think we´re all looking forward to trying to fit the mountains of equipment we own into our van. plus it´ll be one of the first ever gigs we´ll be away from the SSS wags/habs so that should be interesting...



Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Portasound - Press Red For Burt Bacharach

I was at a warehouse party in hackney wick this halloween which our very good fríends portasound were playing. It was one of the best parties I´ve been to in an age, while portasound were absolutely amazing. they were literally 1mm from blowing the speakers throughout most the set but fuck that.

As if to celebrate their qualiy their new track is available for free download on nme.com today. And it is literally amazing.


Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Last Night...

We played catch in shoreditch last night and it was bloody ace time! we'd made a few changes to the set and had reworked a few songs and the result really paid off.

It was without question one of my favourite gigs we;'ve ever done, I think there was some unamity on this fact as we discussed over it excellent vietnamese food after the show.

I didn't get much of a chance to listen to the other bands but there seemed to be a lot of promise in what I heard of demontre (and not The Demon Tree as Jeion thought they were called, and which is incidentally an excellent name for a metal band)

And on this spooky note anyone at a loss this weekend there's an ace halloween party in hackney wick with music coming from both Portasound.

Our next show is in Worcester at the Firefly for the lovely people at the task in hand.


Monday, 26 October 2009

Made from plastic

The guys from Made from plastic have written some rad things about us.

Check their blog out! It's got loads of good things on there, not only including us.


Friday, 23 October 2009

Tues 27 Oct @ Catch, Shoreditch w/ Air Castles

Friends! We're playing at Catch in shoreditch this Tuesday 27 October with Air Castles

They've had some ace reviews from rock sound
so this should be a pretty ace gig. We're on early so get down early.


Thursday, 22 October 2009

Trash kit @ the pictures

Last night I walked all of 25 metres outside my front door to see Trash Kit at Bardens who were playing the pictures monthly night there.

They were fucking ace - insanely interesting all girl dancable no-wave magic. Also they feature an ex-member of electrelane so blatantly they're amazing.


Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Want to party with us?

Featuring Dansette Junior and Live Like Lions - the latter of which are on tour at the moment so check them out if you get a chance...


Friday, 16 October 2009

Video killed the....er

Click on the video link on our site God damn you. We have something to tell you that you may not already know!

SoSaySo from Michael Page on Vimeo.


Another form of relief

The very nice people over at Another form of relief have blogged some wonderfully complimentary things about us. Check out their site.


Thursday, 15 October 2009

For this I may get in trouble...

...but here's a picture our very own front man while he was on tour with emmy in japan.

People of Worcester - we have our first ever show with you in November. We're playing the firefly for those of you who know where that is. Should be ace times.



Sunday, 11 October 2009

last thursday

so as you can probably see below we played hoxton bar and grill thursday night and a bit of a weird time was had. basically our oh so reliable laptop got stage fright and decided not to work and the resultant set was somewhat diminished without its input. we´re not mad. it happens sometimes. but it was a lot of people to happen in front of. and it was worse because la shark before us were so amazing. definitely check them out if you get a chance.

but regarless, we´re persevered on without it. and the set was raucous and ridiculous. however, calamity struck again when jeion  wandered out into the audience, tripped on a bottle and landed on some glass. and as a result there was literally blood all over the hoxton bar and grill. i´m not joking. and do you want to see the gaping wound that caused such a mess:

anyhow...as many put it, despite the lack of musicality it was definitely a perfornance not to be forgotten any time soon. 

but listen, my old friend and neighbour akira the don compared a piano battle between the incredible andrew wk and the mind blowingly talented chile gonzales in new york the other week. check out what happened - it´s literally the most inspiring thing i´ve seen in ages.

we´re not doing much this week as glenn is off playing piano for emmy the great in japan, but in a couple of weeks we´re playing catch in shoreditch. expect blood, smashed equipment, tears - probably in that order.

lots of love.


Thursday, 1 October 2009

Super ace

The wonderful people at Super Ace Blog have written some lovely things about us. You can read them here.


Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Nowhere Near The Heart - NEW TRACK!!!

There's a new song available for your listening pleasure. It's called Nowhere near the heart and its available on our website, facebook and myspace. Enjoy!!


Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Thursday 8 October@ Hoxton Bar and Grill w/ La Shark!, Clock Opera & Gaggle

Yo! Next Thursday 8 October we're playing the Hoxton Bar and Grill for the inspiration that is the guys from Ohinvertedworld.

We're playing with La Shark!

Clock Opera

and Gaggle

And good people have been saying good things about them:

The most extraordinary band I've heard in a long time, called Gaggle... With a name like Gaggle they're going to be good, right? They are. They're brilliant." "YOU HAVE BEEN GAGGLED" HUW STEPHENS (BBC - Radio 1)

"Gaggle - the most exciting, innovative and genuinely imaginative force at large in music right now. More infectious than a mnemonic plague (ahem) and going off with the full force of Blondie's 'Atomic', they sound like 10,000 MIAs - and we bet they don't kiss nice." REBECCA ROBINSON (NME)

You can get tickets from HERE, or RSVP for the event on facebook HERE

Monday, 28 September 2009

Telegramme poster exhibition

Our great friends Telegramme Studios are currently in Frankfurt exhibiting their work at the Flatstock Poster Show which is a part of the Reeperbahn Festival. This includes a lovely poster which they did for us a while ago (which you can just see second bottom left).

These guys are huge at the moment and have worked with so many good bands including Arctic Monkeys, The Get Up Kids, White Denim, Lightspeed Champion, This Town Needs Guns, Rolo Tomassi, and I could go on and on and on. It's a real honour to be included in their roster.

As always, much love.



Friday, 25 September 2009

Get inspired on a Friday

So what are SoSaySo loving at the moment. Well lots of things and these are just some of them:

Lu Flux
I used to live with the lovely Lu Flux who is an ethical designer extraodinaire. She works only with salvaged, vintage or organic fabrics, using traditional methods such as knitting, pleating or patchwork to design incredibly beautiful bespoke pieces. Fashion week has gone swimmingly for Lu so congratulations to her.

Just look at these:

Alex Turvey
To say our old friend Alex Turvey is destined for great things is doing him a diservice, as he basically already doing them. An incredibly talented designer/director he has made music videos for the likes of Bright Eyes, Grizzly Bear, MSTRKRFT among many others, and continues to do design for basically everyone. But more importantly perhaps, he is like myself a Welsh/Greek Cypriot and everyone knows that's the best combination of races you could possibly have.


This wonderfully weird electro outfit are a joyous combination of so many different genres from tropical to carnival to pop to dance. and they're amazing! Hailing from Bow E3 via Crystal Palace our former neighbours are a firm favourite of Huw Stephens and are playing lots in the next couple of months, including some dates in Italy.

Their next gig is at Cargo on Friday 9 October supporting Bent. It is impossible not to have a good time when you see them and I thoroughly recommend that you do.

That's probably enough for you all for now to get inspired on for a friday. More soon, but in the meantime we continue to be humbled by the wonderfully positive feedback from everyone following our show on Monday. We have a number of great shows coming up, the next one being at the Hoxton Bar and Grill on the 8th October. We hope to see as many of you possible down there.

Don't forget to check out the new website as well as follow us on facebook or twitter.

Much love


Tuesday, 22 September 2009

new website...best show of our lves

last night we played the packed out scala in support of the veils and it was the best show we´ve ever done! a huge audience, a huge reception. it was utterly humbling and thank you to everyone involved from the bottom of our hearts for making it happen and for clapping and for making us understand why we do what we do.

but what else? well there´s this lovely new website which you´ve either been directed from or can find here. it be updated periodically over the next couple of weeks with some videos, some new pictures and the new tracks which will be ready any day now.

now i must go to bed beause i´ve been fighting this hangover all day and it´s rapidly becoming evident that i´ve lost the battle.

much love


Friday, 18 September 2009

SOSAYSO @ the Scala w/ The Veils - Mon 21 Sept

Friends, we're playing with the Veils at the cavernously large Scala this Monday. Without question this will be the biggest, brightest and most exciting show we've played to date. And considering our last show was at the Social where the stage was so small I literally had skin-to-skin contact with at least two members of the band at any one point a 1200 capacity venue shouldn't that much of a change of pace. Plus it will be ace to see the guys from the Veils again as it's been ages almost 6months since we last appeared on the same stage together.

As for the future, well we are playing with the excellent Exlovers at Hoxton Bar and Grill in a week or two, and after that with 4or5 musicians at the fly. We were scheduled to play with our good friends Thomas Tantrum and Haunted Stereo in November but unfortunately can't do that now. But regardless everyone should still go and see them as they're both blatantly amazing. Serious. Haunted stereo were Q's record of the day a couple of weeks ago and you wouldn't want to go and fuck off Q would you?

In other news the new website goes live in two days, or one day...it goes live Sunday. It should be pretty fancy I'm told and apparently this blog will appear on there as well. And if you're reading this post-sunday it is pretty fancy and this blog is on there/here...

This month I've been all over the show, drunk for a large part of it - but this weekend I will be at the The Victoria with my soul mates Televised Crimewave for it's one year birthday. it's free entry and should be the best fun.


Monday, 17 August 2009

SOSAYSO @ the social - Tuesday 18 Aug

Folks - we're playing Club Ugly @ the Social tomorrow. It's free entry.

We've been on holiday for the past two weeks and were recording pretty constantly up until that point, as such the break was pretty damn rewarding. But now the holiday season is over and as a result we're back in the studio recording again. New songs should hopefully be here before our very exciting show playing once again with our friends the Veils @ the Scala.

But as with when you're school and the first piece of work set when returning from summer holidays is to write about them, regarder:

I went to Norway. It was good and did not rain much. When i was in norway I visited friends in bergen who took me to the lost weekend festival where i saw kukmuthafucka who were good though the drinks were expensive. i also went to Oya in oslo where i saw accidents never happen and fever ray who were good. It was also good to see my english friends who were on the northern europe sections of their tours. It rained lots on sunday and I saw Harrys Gym who where good. i saw of beirut also who were good but it was raining so i went to the pub.

The end.


Friday, 17 July 2009

a busy couple of days

last night kerrigan and myself went and saw our good friend Mimi Leung's exhibition. it's very much worth a look. After this kerrigan went on to Notting hill arts club to see dansette junior while i went home to watch twin peaks.

Tuesday is rapidly approaching and we are getting very excited to play again with the wonderful hjaltalin. Coupled with the fact that we will be recording this weekend it's going to be a busy couple of days.


Friday, 10 July 2009

Tuesday 21 So Say So @ the Lexington w/ Hjaltalin

We're playing once again with the wonderful Hjaltalin this Tuesday 21 July at the Lexington. as you all know this is an auspiscious day. Not only does it mark the day Hetrostatus Set fire to the Temple of Artemis at Ephesus, but it also marks the world's lowest ever reocrded temperature (-89.2 in antartica) and the day man that man first walked on the moon. just a bit of history for you. you can't fuck with history.

anyway - i don't know any more details for the gig but if the last time we shared a stage is anything to go by this will be another mark in his.......[I refuse to finish that sentence].

In other news we've been rehearsing a bit, wriiting a little, and enjoying having a studio lots and lots. It's our aim to get some new recordings done so as soon as the vocal booth and the control room have been built that's what we'll do.

Sunday past was graham's birthday so we all went to the alma street festival in Kentish Town to celebrate. Roots Manuva played...it was rubbish...well i think it was roots manuva. by 6 o'colck the PA had blown and I couldn't tell what was going on. whoever it was, they were rubbish. Following this we all ended up at the Torriano where Kerrigan has a cocktail named after him. Fact. It tastes like Hubba Bubba.Fact.

For anyone going to see Emmy the Great this August Kerrigan will be playing piano for her at a load of festivals. I can't remember what festivals but I'll find out and post i on here.


Monday, 29 June 2009

room with a view

i'm in a hotel room in liverpool overlooking the mersey spending most of my time sitting at a laptop. i'm quite into it.

last friday i saw not cool at the victoria who its fair to say are the best band i've seen in a very long time.



Friday, 19 June 2009

I promise...

...that i will never go 6 weeks without an update again. I promise i will never go 6 weeks without an update again. I promi...you get the picture.

but a lot has happened in the past 6 weeks - too much to recount in one post. Its like when you don't go to the hairdresser for half a year and they ask you how you've been...

'...erm. I've been to bournemouth. that was alright.'

thats my stock answer. to be honest I don't think i ever have been to bournemouth,
and to be extra honest - not that honesty is something quantifiable - it's not like you can be more honest or extra honest, you're just honest or you're not. its the same with deception. i think. it probably is, but this is too metaphysical for right now so i'll get back to the point in hand which is i 've never really got the hang of hairdressers. I'll go into one if I'm aware i need a haircut but never with a desired outcome. its quite a recipe for disappointment.

but in So Say So news, we have a new studio. it's big and bright and doesn't make you want to throw up when the pub next door flushes their toilets. I'm looking at you redchurch street.

in other news our good friend alex turvey has been receiving some ridiculously good press lately such as this and this. so congratulations to him.There's nothing better in this world there seeing a successful half greek-cypriot, because god knows their aren't many of us.

and also in other news our friends portasound are on a Huw Stephens compilation also featuring our friends hjaltalin.

i promise to never go 6 weeks without an update. promise.


Thursday, 7 May 2009

Borderline in two weeks

Two weeks today we're playing the Borderline with Hjaltalin. To the left is the fyer - i don't know how to make it bigger on here but I'm sure you get the idea. I can't wait for this. Having two months off has been productive and its been great to relax so much but I want wo get back playing shows. Anyhow, as you probably can't make out from the miniscule image tickets are £7.50 in advance and you can get them from here. We have cheap list as well so message us if you want that.

In other news, Glenn, Caroline and myself went to Thorpe Park last weekend. It was pretty ace truth be told but i felt well sick by the end of it. All the rides induced instant hangovers despite the fact i hadn't drank the night before. The best was this big old pendulum type thing which just swang forth and back repeatedly.

Our friend Dansette Junior is playing Punk tonight which we'll all be going to. If you can make it down I believe he is on at 21.30 and entrance is free before 21.00.

Finally, I've been listening to loads of Bullet Union recently and spending loads on comics. Plus we're all at the Breeders ATP next weekend.


Friday, 24 April 2009

rehearsals mate

just over two weeks since a post this time. I'm doing well. And i still can't decide on a font.

We have maybe four new songs we're working on that moment and they're all sounding pretty fantastic. watch out for Matters - it's going to sound amazing.

In other news...I saw The Big Pink at the ICA last night. I think they were good - my friend has just started doing vocals for them and when i know someone in a band I generally lose all objectivity.

...Anvil is amazing. I went to a late night screening at the rio the other day. It's a truly beautiful film.

That's it - we're reharsing all weekend so will probably miss out on the best of the sunshine but it'll be worth it.


Tuesday, 7 April 2009

May 21st

Almost two weeks without a post - I assume this to be a long time in the blogosphere (blogasphere?).

So updates:

We're now on twitter. A website I'm still in the process of loathing, though I'm sure I'll come round. Follow us to receive up 160 characters worth of eloquential literary joy.

As mentioned in a previous post we're not playing live for a bit as we continue to work on new songs...but when we do come back we're playing with the brilliant
Hjaltalin at the Borderline on the 21st of May. Tickets are £9 on the door - but only £5 on our cheap list.

And in other news:

I caught up with Haunted Stereo the other day at their show in Kilburn. They are actually my favourite band in the world at the moment and their new stuff is sounding brilliant - dark and sexy but still vibrant and organic. They're playing in Putney at the Half-moon tomorrow. Also playing tomorrow are our good friends Portasound at the Victoria which I think I'll be venturing to. Oh - and of course the brilliant The Good Gods are playing Cargo tonight for Attitude Is Everything which I'll also be going to

Finally - I've been watching a lot of this show recently. Now I don't have a television so I don't know basically anything about whats on these days, but I think its safe to assume that this is probably the best thing on it.


Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Gig at Jamborree, Limehouse CANCELLED

Unfortunately we have had to cancel our gig in Limehouse tomorrow due to illness. It's a shame as i was really looking forward to riding the DLR to get to the show but you win some, you lose etc...

Our next gig will be in May and it's going to be bloody amazing. it's a pretty fantastic lineup. more details to follow shortly.

in other news Jeion moves to lovely dalston on saturday, right round the corner from me. Everyone else is sodding off on holiday for a week.


Monday, 23 March 2009


This Thursday (26.03.09) we're playing Jamboree which is on Cable Street, Limehouse. Its our last gig for a couple of months and defnitely the last time we'll be playing this set in this format for a long while.

In other news we were back in the rehearsal room today and there's a lot of good stuff going. Jeion and I have some lovely new peddles we've been playing with which are really helping produce a much richer and full sound.

This week i've been listening lots to Baltimore's finest Steve Hefter and Friends of Friends, as well as our good and incredibly talented friends Haunted Stereo. Definitely worth checking both out.


Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Last night...

..we played Hoxton bar and grill

I think our brand of euphoric pop came as a bit of a surprise to the non-So Say So audience, given that the two support bands languish in that ‘oi, oi’ lad rock indie scene that the guardian seems to insist is out the window (see pidgeon detectives/kaiser chiefs/kasabian for reference (and no, I wont be linking to them)). But regardless the gig went ace and the sound and lighting people were lovely.

Unfortunately our show last night meant we couldn’t make it to our friends Televised Crimewave’s single launch but they’re very good and we encourage you to have a listen…and repeat.

Next Thursday (26th) we’re playing Jamboree in Limehouse which I’m led to believe is a swell warehouse conversion type venue. This will be our last gig for a month or two as we’re heading back into the rehearsal rooms to concentrate on writing. We’re also looking to get a few new synths so expect fireworks come May/June.

For those interested below is the list of gigs we’ve played:

Friday 14 November – Luminaire, Kilburn, London – So Say So, Tin Can Telephone, Project Serendipity

Tuesday 16 December – The Macbeth, Shoreditch, London – So Say So, Tin Can Telephone

Thursday 8 January – The Wilmington Arms, Farringdon, London - +++++++, +++++++, So Say So

Thursday 5 February – The Macbeth, Shoreditch, London – The Veils, Alessi’s Ark, So Say So

Thursday 19 February – 229, Gt Portland St, London - +++++++, So Say So, +++++++, +++++++

Friday 6 March – Luminaire, Kilburn, London – So Say So

Tuesday 17 March – Hoxton Bar and Grill, Shoreditch – So Say So, 12 Bullets, The Baskervilles



Friday, 13 March 2009

Hoxton bar and grill TUESDAY!!!

We're playing Hoxton bar and grill next tuesday 17 March.

We should be on stage around 9.30.

You can get tickets here or message us for cheap list.


Sunday, 8 March 2009

blooxd on the tracks

we've been in the studio all weekend working on some new recordings and they're sounding fantastic. note the incredible elvis wedding chapel organ.

on friday we played the luminaire and it was pretty special. there's a video of the recording so i'll edit it down at some point and post it on here.


Friday, 27 February 2009



I thought there was a currently listening to section on blogs?...apparently not. to be fair i'm not listening to anything at the moment but if i were it'd probably be the marvelettes. i fucking love the marvelettes - i guess if i'm completely honest I've always had a soft spot for any manufactured popp band as long as they're good. like tatu. did you know they were put together by a russian psychologist who determined that
basically what people like is lesbians and young looking girls in school outfits.

MORE IMPORTANTLY HOWEVER there are exciting times ahead in the world of So Say So. we've got a whole host of new equipment from amps to preamps to drumkits to violin pickups which we can't wait to use and can't wait to marvel you all with. this friday we're playing the luminaire - guest list only i'm afraid. i freaking love that venue. i'd quite happily play there everynight until my fingers fell off. following that...as in 12 hours later...we're back in the studio laying down some tracks which you'll be able to hear shortly. and following that graham and i are going to the imax to see the watchmen. i can't attest to kerrigan, jeion or caroline's whereabouts.

so busy times ahead for us all.

house. xx