Friday, 26 February 2010


its been an age since I´ve done this and for that I apologise. We´ve been ridiculously ridiculously busy this month.

So as a catch for this large interim here are som things which have been good. Three trapped tigers at Bardens a while back was a visceral experience. utterly amazing in every way. Darren Hayman was also ace. Excellent friends Percival had an amazing launch with some of the best menswear I´ve seen for ages. Check out there video lookbook below, directed by the very visionary Alex Turvey.

Percival from Alex Turvey on Vimeo.

Anyway. This week we played with Bertie Blackman at Hoxton Bar and Grill. It was a fun show but we had about 10 minutes to enjoy it before we were out of the venue and driving to Wolverhampton to record with Gavin Monaghan at Magic Garden recording studios. Was the best experience in the world. He has made the songs sound massive. Literally massive.

A large portion of time was spent in bowling alleys in between takes. The end stats basically line up as Glenn having the highest score, me the most victories and graham getting turkey which is pretty fucking exciting.

So yeah - an ace time was had and the tracks are sounding so fucking wonderful I can´t wait till they´re mixed which should be soon hopefully. Tomorrow we´re playing with Bertie Blackman again, this time at the Barfly. Should sell out so either come early or let us know if you want come

Tonight I really should be seeing The New Wine at Oyä´s (its either that one or å this one) night at koko tonight but exhaustion has somewhat taken over.