Thursday, 7 May 2009

Borderline in two weeks

Two weeks today we're playing the Borderline with Hjaltalin. To the left is the fyer - i don't know how to make it bigger on here but I'm sure you get the idea. I can't wait for this. Having two months off has been productive and its been great to relax so much but I want wo get back playing shows. Anyhow, as you probably can't make out from the miniscule image tickets are £7.50 in advance and you can get them from here. We have cheap list as well so message us if you want that.

In other news, Glenn, Caroline and myself went to Thorpe Park last weekend. It was pretty ace truth be told but i felt well sick by the end of it. All the rides induced instant hangovers despite the fact i hadn't drank the night before. The best was this big old pendulum type thing which just swang forth and back repeatedly.

Our friend Dansette Junior is playing Punk tonight which we'll all be going to. If you can make it down I believe he is on at 21.30 and entrance is free before 21.00.

Finally, I've been listening to loads of Bullet Union recently and spending loads on comics. Plus we're all at the Breeders ATP next weekend.