Monday, 17 August 2009

SOSAYSO @ the social - Tuesday 18 Aug

Folks - we're playing Club Ugly @ the Social tomorrow. It's free entry.

We've been on holiday for the past two weeks and were recording pretty constantly up until that point, as such the break was pretty damn rewarding. But now the holiday season is over and as a result we're back in the studio recording again. New songs should hopefully be here before our very exciting show playing once again with our friends the Veils @ the Scala.

But as with when you're school and the first piece of work set when returning from summer holidays is to write about them, regarder:

I went to Norway. It was good and did not rain much. When i was in norway I visited friends in bergen who took me to the lost weekend festival where i saw kukmuthafucka who were good though the drinks were expensive. i also went to Oya in oslo where i saw accidents never happen and fever ray who were good. It was also good to see my english friends who were on the northern europe sections of their tours. It rained lots on sunday and I saw Harrys Gym who where good. i saw of beirut also who were good but it was raining so i went to the pub.

The end.