Monday, 29 June 2009

room with a view

i'm in a hotel room in liverpool overlooking the mersey spending most of my time sitting at a laptop. i'm quite into it.

last friday i saw not cool at the victoria who its fair to say are the best band i've seen in a very long time.



Friday, 19 June 2009

I promise...

...that i will never go 6 weeks without an update again. I promise i will never go 6 weeks without an update again. I get the picture.

but a lot has happened in the past 6 weeks - too much to recount in one post. Its like when you don't go to the hairdresser for half a year and they ask you how you've been...

'...erm. I've been to bournemouth. that was alright.'

thats my stock answer. to be honest I don't think i ever have been to bournemouth,
and to be extra honest - not that honesty is something quantifiable - it's not like you can be more honest or extra honest, you're just honest or you're not. its the same with deception. i think. it probably is, but this is too metaphysical for right now so i'll get back to the point in hand which is i 've never really got the hang of hairdressers. I'll go into one if I'm aware i need a haircut but never with a desired outcome. its quite a recipe for disappointment.

but in So Say So news, we have a new studio. it's big and bright and doesn't make you want to throw up when the pub next door flushes their toilets. I'm looking at you redchurch street.

in other news our good friend alex turvey has been receiving some ridiculously good press lately such as this and this. so congratulations to him.There's nothing better in this world there seeing a successful half greek-cypriot, because god knows their aren't many of us.

and also in other news our friends portasound are on a Huw Stephens compilation also featuring our friends hjaltalin.

i promise to never go 6 weeks without an update. promise.