Wednesday, 16 December 2009

We are the dogs*

* title change jeion's suggestion...

...we played with dogs at the camden underworld last night who its completely fair to say are one of the nicest bands we've ever had the pleasure of playing with. It was a pretty damn fine end to a wonderful year and the show was fantastic!

so that's it for 2009. roll on the 2009 lists of what was great and expect the 2010 ones on what will be. when i think back to stuff i've enjoyed this year I think the girls album was pretty ace and is one of the few i keep returning to - i know that's not particularly original...i think with the advent of spotify i've been rediscovering so much of what i used to listen to in the past, and that's really been the soundtrack of 2009.

Live, rather unsuprisingly if you read this blog, consistently portasound and not cool (who have incidentally just new tracks up on their myspace) have been the best bands I've seen time on time, so they share the award for that. I've literally no idea what 2010 will sound feels so unknown at the moment...I'm not even certain the dead certs willl be sucessful next year...we shall see.

in other news publicist at bardens the other night was an amazingly visceral experience. we were all huddled round him while he played in the middle of the dancefloor with nothing other than a srobe light to illuminate us all.

lots of love. See you over the festive season.



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