Saturday, 19 December 2009

album of the year

Friends! I was completely wrong about the album of the year...I'm so sorry. It's blatantly and without question Other truths by Do Make Say Think. One if not the only cd I have physically purchased this year...that can't be true...i think it might be. Anyway they've been one of my favourite bands for the last how ever many years and while it's not a drastic departure from what they've always been doing they're still visionaries in their field. They're one of only a handful bands who actually survived post-rock's lethargic pathetic implosion and come out of it a better band. anyway the album is dead ace. the bass lines are insane and dual drumming is as usual fantastic.

Also ace at the moment is drummer of oxes band frenemies who i complete forgot about. Their second album is a piece of l-fi genius that will probably never be afforded the acclaim it deserves -but I'm loving their new(er) down tempo dancable sound.

Anyway good stuff to look forward to this weekend include dansette dj set at 93 feet east and friends from way back teen sheikhs at bardens on sunday. see you at either of those.




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